Any software found here can be used for whatever purpose you like. Whether you would like to reverse-engineer it, modify it, build on it, even for commercial purposes, go ahead. Feel free! Projects are offered “as-is”, without warranty and disclaiming liability for damages resulting from using the projects.

Flight Simulator

I created a simple flight simulator. Feel free to take the source and the builds.

UFO Invasion

A game designed to motivate students to practice using the arctan (inverse tangent) function to defend the world from the imminent alien danger! This game was made in the Godot Game Engine.

Memorize Words

This is my first and only android app. I wrote it ostensibly to help myself learn French, but the real reason was because I was simply curious on about how easy or hard it is to write an android app. (Spoiler alert: it's pretty easy)


Oware (aka Mancala) is a pretty intriguing game origination in West Africa. I created this simple implementation as a fun practice project while learning Qt/C++. Who knows? Perhaps it could be fun and / or interesting for you too.

Furniture Planning

I wrote this app in Qt/C++ to figure out where the h*** to put my couch. Perhaps it could come in handy for you too. Feel free to use it.