Gimp Worksheets

A series of 3 walk-throughs designed to help learn and practice the basics of Gimp (the free and open source photoshop).

Green Beard's Treasure

A worksheet in which students use knowledge of bearings and the tangent function to find Green Beard's lost treasure.

Python Worksheets

3 python exercises for beginners: Madlibs, a quiz and a 'choose your own adventure' game

Memorization Sheets IGCSE Economics - Microeconomics  

A list of basic facts and concepts to be memorized by students, categorized by chapter. These lists are based on first part of the Edexcel International GCSE Economics Student book.

NC Level Descriptions ICT "Student Readable"

An overview of the National Curriculum level descriptions for ICT, categorized and translated using easy-to-understand language for students (and teachers).

Hiking in Space

The travel blog with a twist. Read my friend's travel blog to learn about hiking on Pluto, where to go on vacation in the Solar System and more.