A modern and tech-savvy teacher / trainer with an engineering background, I have a lot of experience teaching both adults and children of all walks of life. Combining my technical and creative hobbies (coding and digital art) allows me to create crisp and colourful didactic materials for my students.

In addition to teaching I also have work experience at large and medium sized enterprises, which has proven invaluable in my ability to explain context and the relevance of the subject matter to my students.

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Personal Info

Aurel David 8
Chisinau, Moldova

Date of birth: 26 – Mar – 1979
Marital status: Married



  • Jan 2021 – ...: Computer Science Teacher (A level), Heritage International School, Moldova
  • Sep 2018 – Jul 2020: Maths Teacher (IGCSE), Grace International School, Bangladesh
  • Mar 2018 – Oct 2019: Treasurer, Netherlands Recreation Club, Bangladesh
  • Jun 2018 – Jun 2019: Volunteer Trainer, Nutrition International, Bangladesh
  • Oct 2015 – Jun 2017: Teacher, Center for Adult Education GLTT, Belgium
  • Sep 2014 – Dec 2015: Student, Center for Adult Education Lethas, Belgium
  • Jul 2013 – Dec 2015: Stay at home father
  • Jan 2009 – Jun 2012: Airbag Application Engineer, Robert Bosch GmbH, Hungary
  • Jan 2008 – Dec 2008: Account Manager, Encore International, Hungary


  • Native speaker: English, Dutch
  • Upper intermediate: German, French
  • Intermediate: Hungarian, Romanian
  • C++, Java, Python, Actionscript, Qt
  • Android SDK
  • Matlab / Simulink
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL
  • Bootstrap Studio
CAD and 3D modelling
  • AutoCAD
  • Blender
2D Digital Graphics and Animation
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate
  • Inkscape, Krtita, GIMP, OpenToonz, Synfig

Education and Training

  • 2015: Teaching certificate – CVO Lethas – Belgium
  • 2007: Msc – Systems and Control – Technical University Delft – Netherlands
  • 2005: Bsc – Aerospace Engineering – Technical University Delft – Netherlands
Online courses


Online courses:

Mostly as a hobby, I have created quite a few online courses in many topics including animation, game design and graphics. Furthermore, to support my IT and CS students I created instructional videos in these topics too, which turned out to be quite popular.


Combining my coding and digital graphics hobbies I have created a number of interesting games and other small apps.


  • Creating computer games
  • Travelling, science fiction and popular science. (See my friend's blog if you are interesting in any of these topics)